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30th December 2012

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Crowdsourcing #StartupArticleOTD

In my previous post, Late to the Party, I mentioned that I would like to crowdsource creation of the #StartupArticleOTD for 2013. I’ve seen lots of people post links to great articles and would love some help in getting these done every day.

First, I’m renaming the posts to #StartupReadOTD. There’s a really practical reason for this, which is that the twitter handle is StartupReadOTD. And the reason for that is simple: @StartupArticleOTD was just too long for a twitter handle!

Second, I’d like to officially request help in sourcing material. It’s a pretty time-intensive task, but spread out over many people, it won’t be onerous.

I’ve tried to make the process simple, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.

Here’s what I propose:

  1. When you find an article you like, just send an email to startupreadotd at gmail.com with the following subject line format: #StartupReadOTD: <shortened link>. <Article Title>. The script I have will add “#vegastech #hitech #startups” so please keep submissions to 110 characters.
  2. There is no step 2.

The size of the buffer is 10 articles, so whatever you send will be posted within 10 days.

Finally, if you’d like access to the Buffer dashboard, please let me know. With access, you can change the order of posted articles.

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